Thursday, 27 August 2009

Health Care: ignoratio elenchi rules O.K.

Fr Gordon Reid enters the Great Health System Debate in a post on Saintclementsblog.

A commenter makes a perfectly sensible point:

"The NHS has problems, our system has problems. Trading one for another may or may not be an equal exchange."

But it is interesting (or depressing) to realise that whilst the debate (on both sides of the Atlantic) is often framed in these terms, this is precisely what no-one is proposing. The U.S. Government is not suggesting anything remotely like the British N.H.S. (the closest parallel seems to be with Switzerland) and even radical right-wingers in Britain don't want the U.S. system (Singapore is an example often mentioned at the moment) [and in point of fact the Conservative Party is committed to the present N.H.S., albeit with a few tweaks].

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