Sunday, 13 September 2009

Recipe: a pudding

Sir Watkin [Williams] Wynne [sic] Pudding


6 oz bread crumbs
3 oz suet
3 oz sugar
2 eggs
1½ tbsp. marmalade
A little milk

Make the bread crumbs.
Shred and chop the suet finely.
Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl.
Beat the eggs and add with the marmalade to the dry ingredients.
The mixture should be rather moist, as the bread crumbs swell, so add milk as required.
Turn into a greased bowl, cover with a greased paper, and steam for two hours.
Turn the pudding on to a hot dish, and pour round either marmalade or sweet melted-butter sauce.

Source: The Edinburgh Book of Plain Cookery Recipes, (London, etc., Thomas Nelson and Sons, new and revised edition, [no date]), p.95

Not a very exciting dish, and they might have got my name right, but still - it's not everyday that someone names a recipe after you.

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